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What is YOUChain digital currency

What is YOUChain digital currency

What is YOUChain computerized cash

For conveying enormous scope business applications, the foundation of an agreement component on YPoS and the first speculation model.

YOUChain intends to frame another age of public blockchain with elite execution and adaptability

Which will understand the vision of "One Mobile Device One Node, Everyone Can Participate".

The establishing group of YOUChain is supposed to be from Alibaba, Tencent and BITMAIN. It has the accompanying highlights:

YPoS, an agreement calculation for BFT in view of VRF and PoS, is said to help an enormous number of hubs to lead agreement.

Super Routing, a P2P framework made for both home broadband and versatile organization, helps upgrade the productivity of mind boggling correspondences conditions.

Shrewd retail is said to upgrade adaptability.

Any cell phone can hypothetically turn into a hub in the organization to accomplish decentralization.

YOUChain Network is seen:

As a blockchain-based working framework intended for dispersed business application, it tends to be contrasted with ETH, which is a public blockchain devoted to the development of individual computerized esteem/individual virtual things. The YOUChain network is supposed to can circulate individual virtual things with high simultaneousness and low boundaries to section.


Zhao Feng: Founder/CEO

Previous Technical Director of Ant Financial; Former Financial Product Manager Ant; previous head of the Ant Financial open stage; Former Koubei Product Manager; Former Engineer at Mobile QQ; Ex-Microsoft Technology Leader

Liu Jie: CSO

Syed will be an organization security counsel at the pertinent Department of State, T4 Expert and Assistant General Manager for Tencent, Chief Technology Officer, Senior Executive Vice President of CTV Golden Bridge International Media Group (623.HK), and Chief Scientist at OKex

Zhang Lei: Co-organizer/CTO: Bugtags Founder

CEO ; 12 years' involvement with item advancement and the board; 1 year experience in blockchain practice; Former significant product offering chief of Kaixin and numerous other Internet organizations



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